Canvas Cordura Car Seat Cover
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Canvas Cordura Car Seat Cover

Price: $239.20

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  • Canvas Cordura Car Seat Cover
  • Price is for bucket, bench or captian's' chairs seats and completely covers front, back and sides of seat with same fabric
  • You will not find another durable and attractive cover any where
  • Excellent for kids, animals--- even work trucks
  • Very rugged design
  • Allowance for seat controls, side air bags and other things found on a seat
  • Available in four colors to match any interior
  • 1 year guarantee against manufacturer defects
  • Made in the USA

If you are in search of a more durable seat cover to protect a new seat or to cover up an old new, your search is over. Canvas Cordura Car Seat Covers are made from a durable canvas material that is both waterproof and easy to clean.  These are designed to fully protect the original seats in your vehicle and are an excellent choice for a work truck, SUV or any type of rough use including carting children around.

The design of the Canvas Cordura Car Seat Cover is not flashy but is more laid back. It does its work by protecting the seats and allowing for the use of power seat controls as well as keeping the side air bags uncovered. Most seat covers tend to forget about the side air bags and the seat controls and need to be adjusted by the owner to allow for these items to be used.

The Canvas Cordura Car Seat Cover is an excellent choice in work trucks. They will protect the seats so that when it’s time to trade in the vehicle for a new one, there’s not a lot of clean up that will need to be done.  The seats will still be in near new condition without needing extensive cleaning and/or repairs.       

These seat covers are available in four great colors to match or blend with nearly any interior including black, charcoal, silver and tan. They are also padded for additional comfort. They are custom made to fit your vehicle based on the specifications that you provide.

Whatever you use your vehicle for, whether hauling construction equipment or just kids and pets, Canvas Cordura Car Seat Covers will provide durable, comfortable, long-lasting protection for your seats.  Buy these attractive and durable seat covers today.  You’ll be glad you did.  Made in the USA.

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Canvas Cordura Car Seat Cover
Canvas Cordura Car Seat Cover